May 18th, 1950

Session one:

Dr. Reading: “Hi Alex, how has your day been?”

Alex: “I’m still stuck in this place for no reason, it wasn’t even me it was Anthony!”

Dr. Reading: “Who is Anthony?”

Alex: “You know him, he hurt Sam. I saved Sam, wait no I didn’t save Sam, Anthony hurt Sam. But I’m in here because of Anthony.”

Dr. Reading: “Do you trust people?”

Alex: “Nnoo”

Dr. Reading: “Alex who is Sam?”

Alex: “Sam got hurt, I lost him. But it wasn’t me. IT WAS ALEX!!!!!”

Dr. Reading: “ Okay Alex, I think we’ve talked enough today. I’ll see you soon.”

Session two: May 20th, 1950

Dr. Reading: “ Hi Alex how is your day going?”

Alex: “I AM JOHN, if you can’t remember my name you have no reason to come talk to me everyday.”

Dr. Reading: “I’m sorry John, I thought you were someone else.”

Alex: “Then leave! I can’t speak to someone who doesn’t even know me!”

Dr. Reading: “John what happened to Sam?”

Alex: “I killed him, I stabbed him 37 times. He suffered and it made me laugh. The sparkle in his eyes went black and his face went pale.”

Dr. Reading: “Why did you kill him?”

Alex: “Nno II can’t tell you that. You wouldn’t understand. Noone will.”

Dr. Reading: “Did he hurt you?”

Alex: “No I already told you I hurt him.”

Dr. Reading: “Was there a specific reason?”

Alex: “I was told to but you’ll never know who *laughs under breath*”

Dr. Reading: “Can you pl”

Alex: “Don’t ask me for anything, you don’t know me. I need to go home and you need to leave me alone.”

Dr. Reading: “That’s fine, we can talk later. Try to think about what we talked about today.”

Session 3 May 22, 1950

Dr. Reading: “Hi umm”

Alex: “Why are the walls so grey?”

Dr. Reading: “I’m not sure, I think Dr. Rowan likes the color grey.”

Alex: “But the last summer camp I was at was fun, they let me outside and I was with my friends. The walls were blue there, it made me happy.”

Dr. Reading: “I’m sorry about the walls I can talk to Dr. Rowan about it. You seem like you’re having a much better day Alex.”

Alex: “Who’s Alex?”

Dr. Reading: “I’m sorry I thought you were, what is your name?”

Alex: “I’m Violet!

Dr. Reading: “Nice to me you Violet, do you know anyone named Sam or Anthony?”

Alex: “Yes I do they are great people.”

Dr. Reading: “Can you describe them?”

Alex: “They are my friends, we hang out occasionally and they always make me laugh.”

Dr. Reading: “Have they ever been aggressive toward you or each other?”

Alex: “No, they are really sweet they can’t even hurt a butterfly, I love butterflies, do you think we can get some?”

Dr. Reading: “I can ask but I can’t make you any promises.”

Alex: “Dr. Reading I’m really really really really tired can I take a nap?”

Dr. Reading: “Yes you can, I will talk to you tomorrow.”

Meeting with Dr. Cook May 24, 2015

Dr. Cook: “Hi, Dr. Reading how has Alex been with you?”

Dr. Reading: “Our first meeting he was normal, he wouldn’t tell me much but he talked, our second meeting he was crazed, he yelled at me a lot and he told me he killed Sam but I can’t know why because I wouldn’t understand. Our third meeting he was acting more of like a little girl then a boy at all.”

Dr. Cook: “He did the same thing with me, what could be our solution?”

Dr. Reading: “I think we should have Dr. Rowan do a lobotomy and see if he can get rid of a personality.”

Dr. Cook: “That was my thought also, it should be done tomorrow.”

Dr. Reading: “I will make the appointment for tomorrow then.”

Lobotomy Day May 25, 1950


Dr. Reading: “ALEX!!!!!!”